7 Seater Crossover: Citroen C-Crosser from Mitsubishi

From the house of Mitsubishi, the Citroen C-Crosser was launched in August in India. Internationally launched by French

citroen c crosser

The 7 Seater Crossover Vehicle. The Citroen C Crosser.

Automobile Biggie, the 7 seater Citroen Crossover has the looks of a sports utility vehicle and backs it up with outstanding speeds.

The 2360 cc vehicle has a 4 cylinder inline petrol engine. The driver train is controlled electronically and the vehicle is one of the longest and widest in the 7 seater crossover segment.

The 4 wheel drive comes with advanced locking functions along with center console that has a dial. The steering provides great accuracy. The interior is well designed to provide comfortable spacing and great leg space too. The giant car comes with a feature to control the internal climate too which has been appreciated by customer and critics alike.

The seats are adjustable to provide maximum comfort to the passengers. The car also has some advanced features to provide optimum safety and security. A program for electronic stability, electronically controlled feature for brake force distribution and an antilock brake system are some of the advanced features of this amazing vehicle, reputed for providing a smooth drive and an awesome performance.

One of the top in its class 7 seater crossover vehicles costs around 35lakh or 76,000 dollars with a single variation in design. The outstanding power is generated owing to its capacity of 170 Bhp @ 6000 rpm. The torque can go up to a maximum of 314 Nm @ 4250 rpm.

There are 6 manual gears provided which have a combined weight of about 1625 kg. There are a lot of other features that add to the charm of the vehicle. This includes a rear Armset with a cup holder, drive seat adjustments that are electrically enabled, a high quality music system and electric doors fitted on either side.

The elegant vehicle has received a fabulous response from the customers and with its smooth yet, powerful engine and sporty look has impressed one and all.

You can read more at http://www.7seatercarsguide.com/2010/7-seater-cars-suvs/7-seater-car-citroen-c-crosser/


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