Are Minimally Invasive Procedures the Future of Cosmetic Surgery?

Even though many people would love to take advantage of cosmetic surgery to make changes to their body and its appearance, it’s still a relatively niche industry with lot of potential customers unwilling to commit to any type of operation.

There are a number of reasons why this may be, and if the industry is ever to grow into a mainstream business that everyone’s happy to use it must identify and deal with these reasons one by one.

The Biggest Cosmetic Surgery Concerns

Aside from the issue of the cost of the treatments, one of the most off putting concerns people have about cosmetic surgery is with the surgery itself.

Every surgical procedure carries a risk to the patient, be it from a reaction to the anaesthetic, a complication that arises during the procedure, or an infection that sets in afterwards. They can also sometimes be fairly debilitating, with the patient having to commit to days or even weeks of recuperation and post-operative care.

All these factors provide very valid reasons why someone might decide that cosmetic surgery isn’t for them. For other people, it’s not so much the risks of the surgery that put them off, but its gruesome nature.

Take liposculpture, for example – despite there being a huge number of people who are desperate to rid their body of fatty deposits in certain areas, the idea of having a tube inserted so that the fat can be suctioned away is enough to make them stick to exhausting workouts, whether as part of their own home fitness program or at the gym.

Alternatives To Regular Liposuction

The cosmetic surgery industry has turned to technology to solve this particular problem, and are now able to offer patients non invasive liposuction as an alternative to the traditional forms of the treatment.

Using a heat producing laser, the surgeon is able to effectively melt the layers of fat within the body through the skin – no incision has to be made into the patient’s body, and they do not require any sedation or anaesthetics.

Is Non Invasive Lipo Painful?

The melted fat is simply flushed out of the body as natural waste material within a day. The procedure is completely pain free and, aside from a little tenderness and blistering that should clear within a few days, the patient should be able to get back to their normal routine the very next day, or at the very least within a couple of days.

This new procedure is a great example of new technology being used to open up the world of cosmetic surgery to a whole new client base, and a far wider one at that. It’s through use of non invasive procedures such as this that the industry will secure its future and become much more commonly accepted as being the norm in the years to come.

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