Follow up procedures to Tooth Extractions

tooth extraction

There are some simple things you can do after a tooth extraction to make sure your mouth stays healthy and clean.

Once a tooth is extracted from your mouth it will leave you with a nice big hole in your mouth that needs to be filled. If the hole isn’t fixed it can lead to a number of issues like speech problems, misalignment, shifting of your teeth, increased risk of tooth decay, along with canker sores and mouth sores if you continue to bite in that area and food pierces the gums.

Typically a Dentist in Redwood City will first discuss the different treatment options that you have available once the extraction has been removed. This could mean you will get an implant, which is the closest thing you can have to a real tooth or you can get a dental bridge. Depending upon where the missing tooth is at you may be able to live without it as you can remove one molar without problems.

If the Redwood City Dentist is planning to extract the teeth they will need to prepare you for what to expect. For a single tooth it is common for the patient to remain awake during the procedure. Once the dentist begins to work on the area they will numb it and start to pull the tooth. The patient will not feel pain but you will feel pressure on the jaw. The dentist may need to break the tooth into sections in order to properly remove it.

Once the tooth is out you have to be very careful in the after-treatment procedures. You will need to keep the mouth very clean in order to prevent infections from occurring. The dentist may provide you with a prescription mouthwash that will aid in cleaning bacteria from the mouth.

It is important to get plenty of rest and to avoid any foods that cause you to use a sucking reflex as it can dislodge the blood clot. Give yourself about 10-14 days before you are able to feel at full strength again.

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