Use an Area Rug to Cover Stains On the Carpet?

covering carpet stains with an area rug

Buying a cheap area rug to cover stains is often cheaper than hiring a carpet cleaning company.

One of the biggest problems that most home owners have with their homes is keeping the floors looking clean and new and doing something to cover or remove the stains on the carpet.

I mean if you have children or pets living in your house it is next to impossible to keep your floors looking like new.

It seems if the children are not tracking in dirt and grime from outside then the pets are, and lets not forget about the occasional accident that occurs.

How many time have you seen a child spill their chocolate milk or cranberry juice on the carpet?  It does not matter sometimes what you use to clean these spots on the carpet they just will not come out.

Well have I got a cheap and easy idea for you!

Why not go out and buy an area rug for your room? These wonderful and versatile rugs are great for covering up stains and spots on the carpeting while adding a little bit of style and color to your room.

This may sound crazy to a lot of people, but have you seen the cost of hiring a professional carpet cleaning company lately?

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They are also extremely affordable with a large selection of rugs priced at under $200 available in most retail stores or online.  Often you can find new area rugs that cost only $20 or $30.

Using area rugs to cover stains is not a new idea, people have been doing it for years.

With colors as soft an neutral as cream to a more wild gold rug it is almost impossible to not be able to find the perfect color of area rug for your room.

Area rugs also work great on hardwood floors as well as carpeting. They are great for not only covering up scratches in the finish of your hardwood floors, but also as a way to provide warmth to your feet as you walk across the often cold bare floors.

So if you happen to have a few stains, spots, or blemishes in your carpeting or on your hardwood floors you just might want to consider looking into purchasing a brand new area rug.

If you have pets, there are certain rugs for pet owners that are easier to clean than others.  Just do some research and you are sure to find one that is suitable for your home.

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