Zebra Rug

zebra rug

Spice up your home decor with a Zebra Rug

The majestic zebra of the African continent is one of the world’s favorite animals. The starkly contrasting white against black stripes, the high almost singing quality that their whinnying seems to take, and the magical quality that they appear to possess over a standard horse make them easily one of the most popular members of the animal kingdom. The beauty of their colorful bodies is their defining attribute – the moment someone sees a white background with random black stripes they automatically assume it is a zebra or at least something sporting zebra stripes.

While the days of big men hunting on safari and bringing their latest kill to the hunting lodge to be put on the display in the form of a stuffed head or large fur area rug have long since passed, faux fur rugs remain in style. Most modern zebra rugs are not made of actual zebra pelts, meaning that animal lovers do not need to fear these creations. This means you could certainly look into a zebra rug to add a wild touch to your room without pricking your conscience.

The elegant black and white colors keep things calm while making the room exotic at the same time since all visitors will know what animal you are trying to harness the spirit of in your décor. The look of a zebra rug really is liberating on its own as a way to ground extreme or intense colors like hot pink, electric blue, or lime green in the room of your favorite teenager, young adult, or college student. Yet, you should not be afraid to utilize a black and white rug like this for a serious or well to do room either. A zebra rug can liven up an overbearing office and can even spice up the décor of a home library much more than plain black rugs could ever do.

Wool pile is the most popular material for these special rugs since it can add the feel of being like real fur if hand tufted, but synthetic fibers for zebra rugs generally make them a bit less expensive if you are on a budget. Look out for them on the Internet if you can’t find a selection of zebra rugs in local retailers and you will find them in every size and shape.

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