Central American Real Estate

Central America is emerging quickly onto the world tourism and investment map. Costa Rica in particular has been attracting US real estate investors and retires for years. But other countries such as Panama, Nicaragua and Belize are now also picking up their fair share of attention. Real estate investors are excited by the low cost of real estate on offer and retirees are drawn to the low cost of living that is possible. A factor that is increasing in significance in these recessionary times. In this article we highlight four locations, one for each of the countries mentioned, that we think are worth a closer look.

For Belize real estate, make sure you spend some time in Ambergris Caye. It’s a beautiful island just offshore from Belize City (most people get there on a 15 minute domestic flight) that was initially made famous by the Madonna song ‘La Isla Bonita.” Since then it has evolved into a mature second home, tourism and retirement destination offering a quintessential Caribbean lifestyle.

Starting with Costa Rica it’s worth taking the time to check out Tamarindo in the northern Guanacaste province. While it can’t be considered an ‘early in’ destination it offers a great case study in how rising tourism number can drive a real estate market. We’re currently in a buyers market in Costa Rica (and the rest of Central America for that matter) so if you look hard enough, you may be able to tease out a bargain.

In Nicaragua, the Tola Riviera area north of San Juan del Sur is worth a closer visit, just to soak up the sheer beauty of the area. If you like what you see, check out some of the Nicaragua real estate options available in the large scale master planned communities such as Rancho Santana and Iguana, but don’t forget also to review any individual independent listings.

In Panama, all signs on the ground indicate that the Azuero Peninsula is slowly coming of age. As infrastructure improvements get underway its relative remoteness will no longer be a factor. It’s a beautiful part of the world and boasts some of best Pacific coast beaches on the mainland of Panama. The surfing is great here too!

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