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Are the contents of your home insured properly?

Real estate content insurance is where you get coverage for the things inside your home and not just the property itself. It is often called renters insurance or home contents insurance and pretty much anyone can get it.  Here are the steps to document your belongings in case you need to make a claim.

Make a List

First of all, make a list of all your valuables that you want covered.  Include in your list what it is worth.  If you have receipts, scan them or make copies of them.  Also, attach a reference number to it so you can link it to a photograph and receipt.  Do it on an excel spreadsheet if you can so you can have an electronic copy.  I will tell you why you need a soft copy later.

Digital Photos

Next, take pictures of your most valuable items.  When you upload them to your computer, rename it the reference number that you gave it on your spreadsheet.  You can even write a label and place it in front of the item before you take your picture.

Digital Video

For general things that you don’t want to bother with taking photos and listing, take a video.  It’s good to just go around your house and video your home.  It will help you cover the basis in case you miss something important.

Upload Online

This step is the most important.  Many people make a hard copy list and keep it in their office or kitchen drawer.  The mistake here is that if you keep a hard copy in your house, it might go down in flames should you have a fire in your home.  You could also lose it or have it stolen.

The best thing to do is to upload all these documents online somewhere.  Create a private Facebook album or get a Flickr account.  You can even upload it to Google docs if you have a gmail account.  This way, even if your entire house burns down, including your desk and computer, you will have the documentation you need safe and sound in the online cloud.

In Conclusion

Getting home contents insurance may be one of the best investments you can make.  If you have family jewels, expensive electronics or valuable antiques in your home, you will do well to protect from the financial loss of those things by getting a policy.  It’s relatively cheap and it will buy you the peace of mind of knowing you are protected.

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