The Many Benefits of Bamboo Charcoal

bamboo charcoal

Bamboo charcoal comes in many forms, has numerous benefits, and is used in a large variety of products including fertilizer, soap, odor absorbers, and more.

The Japanese refer to bamboo charcoal as the ‘black diamond’ because it is a precious resource.

It isn’t as hard or as expensive as diamonds but it can perform small wonders in the home and the garden.

Bamboo charcoal is made by heating mature bamboo culms in a kiln. At the same time it is possible to collect bamboo vinegar which is used in traditional medicines in Asia and is used for bamboo vinegar foot detox patches.

The Japanese have discovered several interesting ways to use bamboo charcoal.

University studies have shown that bamboo charcoal can be used as a fertilizer and pesticide. On average it increases volume of crop yield by 20%.

The great thing about these results is that bamboo charcoal is completely organic and doesn’t pollute nature.

While bamboo can be used to make hard wearing and elegant flooring the Japanese also use bamboo charcoal under flooring to protect the flooring above and reduce humidity levels in a home.

Bamboo charcoal is naturally antimicrobial and is excellent to protect a home. Moreover bamboo charcoal is highly porous and able to absorb excess water vapor from the air.

The high porosity of bamboo charcoal is down to its incredible weight to surface area of 1:600. Bamboo charcoal can be placed around a home to not only remove unwanted humidity it also sucks up the unpleasant odors from a room.

The absorption powers of bamboo charcoal can also be utilized in soap.

Bamboo charcoal soap cleans to the bottom of the skin’s pores and is great to remove bags from the under the eyes and also to treat acne.

Recently scientists have discovered new wondrous properties of bamboo charcoal: it emits negative ions and far infrared rays. This is not science fiction. Negative ions have been shown to affect human moods.

A low negative ion count in a room depresses people; whereas, a high negative ion count uplifts spirits. It is not surprising that where negative ions are most abundant (waterfalls and beaches) people tend to flock in their spare time.

The Japanese have done lots of research on far infrared rays and they associate them with improved blood circulation and quicker recovery times for damaged skin tissue.

It is hard to imagine that simple bamboo charcoal could do so much. And I nearly forgot to mention that you can use bamboo charcoal to barbecue!  Bamboo is also used in different outdoor flooring projects too.

Bamboo is an incredible material.  Just the variety of different outdoor flooring options alone boggles the mind.  As the years go by there are sure to be even more things discovered about this renewable resource.

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