Benefits of Marble Floor Tile

Marble floor tile is one of the most common types of stone for building architectures. The use of such element has gone centuries back this is because of its quality and beauty. It also offers vast elegance to any room.

Though they may not come cheap it is still highly in demand when it comes to home décor. It is the number one choice for luxurious hotels or any expensive establishments that caters to the elites. The use of marbles for the nobles can be perceived in Taj Mahal and structures in ancient Greece.

marble floor tiles

Marble floor tile is one of the most common types of stone for building architectures.

This article will discuss in details the many benefits to gain from the use of marble floor tiles.

·    The shine that marble bring to our floor adds much elegance, beauty and class, this is due to the calcite which allows the light to infiltrate. The beauty of its waxy look has long been appreciated where marble were used in order to make sculptures of many kinds like “venus de milo”.

·    You have an array of choices when it comes to colors that would best suite the theme or the style pallet you wish to create. It is best suited for those who are into rustic yet elegant designs.  Further maintenance ensures you of a beautiful finish that can last for a very long time.

·    It has the ability to resist from scratches and stains particularly if your flooring has gone through “stain and water resistant coating” which usually has already been done at some point in manufacturing , this makes it easier for you to clean.

It is highly recommended that when maintaining marble floor or other type like travertine floor tiles to steer clear from the use of very harsh chemicals rather simply use water for cleaning, warm water would be the best choice in order to effectively sanitize the floor.

·    In comparison with carpets during warm weathers marbles remain cool which makes it a big advantage for those located in tropical areas. While those located in very cold regions installing a heater balances the temperature of the whole vicinity providing extra comfort for the people inside the establishment.

·    It’s very hygienic which is very efficient for those who have babies or young kids in potty training who like to play in the floor area at home for it has the ability to resist against molds and bacteria to stick to the surface, unlike carpets which contains all these elements and makes it extremely difficult to clean.

Marble floor tile is no question one of the top quality material to utilize.  But due to its very high cost there have been attempts to come up with artificial marbles which mimics the real thing through color patterns but not made from natural elements, rather mixed with cement and other synthetic rudiments that you can find in products made for garage floor coatings.

Tiles work well for walk in showers in the bathrooms and wet room designs too.  It is easy to clean and adds an elegant look to most any room in the home.

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