Hair Removal Cream: How It Works And How To Do It Correctly

Prickly stubble is one quality that few women want associated with their skin, and unfortunately the world’s most popular method of hair removal, shaving, easily leads to that.

When hair is cut at the level of the skin’s surface, where the shaft is thickest, then it will naturally lead to a rough texture when the hair starts growing back.

hair removal creams and sprays

You can remove unwanted hair yourself using a good cream or spray product.

Luckily there are hair removal creams which can penetrate deeper under the skin to give a smoother finish to the skin, and women can then forego shaving and avoid stubble too.

How hair removal creams work

All hair strands contain a special protein called keratin, and hair removal creams contain a special mixture of chemicals that work to break down the keratin in the hair as deep down the skins epidermis as they can go.

Most of the best or top rated hair removal creams (or sprays) that you can buy work the same way, although they may contain different ingredients.  A pubic hair removal cream should be strong enough to break down the wiry hair in the bikini area while a cream for the facial area should be more soothing to the skin to avoid irritation.

How to use hair removal creams correctly

Each hair removal product should come with a step by step instruction on how to use the item, and hair removal creams work best on freshly washed, clean skin.

Most brands, including Olay and Veet, recommend leaving the cream on the skin around three to five minutes, although some women whose skins are not sensitive can choose to leave the creams longer to get surer and longer-lasting results.

Slather the cream on the skin and make sure that the areas you want the hair removed are covered, and after the amount of time indicated in the directions, wipe or wash the cream off.  If you have done it correctly you should now have gotten rid of all the unwanted hair in that area.

If the product is good, the hair strands should be removed along with the cream and should leave no marks on the skin or any redness and itchiness.

Getting The Best Results

To get the most from hair removal creams, always use them before the expiry date. Products from Veet and Olay hair removal as well as other good brands clearly indicate the use on or before dates on their products, so you should find it easy to avoid expired items or throw away those you haven’t used from your bathroom cabinet.

Expired hair removal creams mean that the chemicals inside are no longer stable and they wont work anymore or worse, expose you to side effects like stinging and skin tenderness, but when used correctly these creams and sprays work well for most people and generally cost a lot less than things like electrolysis for hair removal.

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