How To Get Permanent Hair Removal

There are many beliefs about hair removal that are just not true.  Shaving won’t make your hair grow back thicker. Waxing won’t make your hair thinner and sparser.

It seems that these beliefs are rooted in the desire to get rid of unwanted body hair for good, but although shaving and waxing don’t give permanent results, there are two other methods that may just help you remove body hair once and for all.

home hair removal electrolysis machine

There are a variety of home hair removal options available.

Electrolysis hair removal

If the idea of subjecting your skin to electric charges sounds too dangerous, the approval of the United States Food and Drug Administration of this method might just set your mind at ease.

Electrolysis hair removal does use electricity, but the charges are very small and won’t burn the skin or electrocute your nerves. Only the hair strands are affected, and with one single session, the hairs are cut off right at the roots.

With a few more sessions, the roots will completely close off, preventing hair from growing out again. Most people will need at least three sessions to achieve permanently hair-free skin.

Electrolysis is popularly available, but it’s also rather expensive, with a package of seven sessions regularly costing more than two thousand dollars.

But for those who want to be rid of unwanted hair for good, the price is a rather small price to pay for never having to manage body hair ever again. Those seeking for a slightly less pricey alternative can turn to laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal

You have probably heard something about the laser hair removal vs electrolysis debate, and let’s break it down to the two most important parts: price and results.

Laser hair removal is considered more affordable than electrolysis, with packages rarely costing more than a thousand dollars. It’s also essentially painless unlike waxing to remove hair.

How Does It Work?

Special laser technology burns off the hair strands without affecting the roots, and the process is easier than that of electrolysis, with several hair removal brands offering their own versions of laser hair removal machines built in handy sizes for personal use. Tria laser hair removal price, for example, doesn’t cost more than four hundred dollars for a machine you can have for your very own.

However, the US FDA does not recognize the method as effective for permanent hair removal; rather, it gives body hair a reduced look, although they will continue to grow out.

This means that if you focus more on the results, electrolysis is really the more practical choice, for after a single package you can get hair loss for good; whereas laser hair removal will need to be kept up indefinitely, and you will need to pay again and again for the treatment.

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