What Is The Best Way to Quit Smoking?

Unfortunately there is a great deal of confusion about quitting smoking and quit smoking products. Everyone is looking for the best way to quit smoking and all of the companies who make the products of course claim that the best way to quit smoking is to use their product.

The truth is that no single stop smoking program has very good success rates when used alone.

best way to quit smoking

The best way to quite smoking is different for everyone. Few are able to be successful by just going "cold turkey".

Let´s use an example. Nicotine replacement therapies, when used alone have a success rate of between 15% and 25%.  When you combine them with counseling or encounter groups however they climb to over 50% and with additional help from things like stop smoking pills or shots this climbs to as high as 90% success rates.

This means that there really is no magic bullet for quitting smoking. The best way to quit smoking is to first understand why you are addicted, the different physical and psychological symptoms like panic attacks you will feel and determine which ones you will need help with.

If you work in a high stress job for instance you will want to probably think about getting a prescription for anti anxiety medications to use in conjunction with your NRTs and joining something like a 12-step group, most of which are free, to support you when you need it.

You should visit your personal physician before you start on any program because they can not only make sure any program you choose will not have adverse effects on your health but they will also probably be able to recommend a complete course of action to help you solve the problem of nicotine addiction once and for all in the most comfortable and efficient way possible.

Your physician can also recommend specific programs more efficiently because they have ready access to all of the success rates in different combinations of programs.

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