Picking the Best Plus Size Occasion Dresses by Knowing One’s Body Shape

When getting ready for a special event or activity, picking the right outfit can be critical to feeling like one fits in.  Because of this many women stress over buying plus size occasion dresses when they really don’t need to.

There are several things to look for in occasion dresses to find the perfect dress for any body size or shape, but the most important thing a woman can do is find a dress that fits her body shape.

It’s important to look for dresses that complement the figure. To pick a dress that best fits a woman’s figure requires first that the woman understand exactly what her shape is.

Different Body Shapes

plus size occasion dress

Women have all kinds of options these days for plus size occasion dresses.

The Hourglass

The first body shape is the hourglass figure. A woman with this shape has hips and bust of about the same size and a much smaller waist.

A woman with this shape should find plus size occasion dresses which emphasize her smaller waist.

This can be done with dresses that have a belt or other feature situated at the waistline to bring the eyes to it. A woman can also minimize her bust and hips by wearing single colors in these areas to mask their size.

The Triangle

The second body shape that many women have is the triangle shape. Women with this body shape have a larger bust and small waist and hips.

Many times women with this shape want to de-emphasize their bust, so wearing solid colors on the top and more bold colors on the bottom is an option when selecting dresses.

However, if a woman wants to emphasize her top, wearing solid colors on the bottom and patterns on the top can work too.

The Rectangle

Another body type is the rectangle. Many women have this body shape where the bust, waist and hips are all about the same size. For a plus sized woman, the job is to find a plus size occasion dress that emphasizes on of the areas and takes the eyes away from the others, or a woman may want to create the illusion of a waist.

The easiest way to do this is to wear solid colors in areas to be de-emphasized and bright colors, bows, or the like in areas to be noticed.

By knowing her body shape, a woman can easily select a plus size occasion dress which makes her look her best. Once a woman understands what she wants to accomplish, finding the right dress is a lot easier.

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