Candy Floss Machines: Sweet Tooth Spinners

Having that pink sugar spinner at home would definitely be a delight to a fun loving household.  It is a given that candy floss has been a traditional carnival favorite, and people seldom have that chance to enjoy everything that a carnival has to offer.

Some local fairs are transient; amusement parks often are more than a few miles away.  You can just imagine the fun that these festive places bring.  And people, most especially kids, just can’t get enough of it.

For someone with a sweet tooth, candy floss machines could perhaps be the answer for his guilty craving. We all know that most saccharine treats equate to calories and weight gain.  Candy floss doesn’t give you much of the unwanted pounds.  A heaping, fluffy dose does not have a mound of calories webbed into its entirety.  It would be enough simply as a dessert or just an indulgence when you seem to find yourself wondering about what to do for the day aside from lounging around and watching cable television.

Candy floss machines intended for home use are designed to be handy.  The tabletop concept does not fall short in terms of results – the yield is still the classic favorite that you see in carnivals, though just enough to produce for the entire family or party guests and not for a large group.

If you want to sell candy floss out of your mobile kitchen at an outdoor event you will need a larger more commercial model. These machines were perhaps marketed as pink because of the given fact that the floss carried it as its signature color.

Although people have been experimental with its color and tried using every possible color as a dye, pink still rules. This gives them a certain edge and is a good marketing strategy.  They would be easily noticed on a shelf of whites and provides for easy identification.  Everyone knows what this machine looks like, and with kids in tow they would definitely notice this immediately.

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