Using Presentation Boards and Brochure Holders for Your Trade Show Display

If you are setting up a booth for a trade show, then it is important to ensure that your display is professional and gives potential clients and business partners a good impression of your business or product. Presentation boards can help to give people an idea of what your company does. These are not overly expensive and can be an invaluable part of any booth or exhibition.

Before choosing a presentation board, you will need to know where you will set it up, as this will determine what size of presentation booth you should purchase. Many people set up a small presentation board on the display table this board can display not only an introduction to your product but also a price list.

It is very important that the board is large enough to be seen clearly and not too large that it makes the table appear cluttered. This is where planning ahead of time comes in – you will need to decide what you will display on the table and if you will set up a TV or computer on the table to help advertise your product or service.

You can easily purchase presentation boards via online retailers, and considering that they are quite cheap and can make a big difference in your display, there really is no good reason not to purchase one or more presentation boards.

Brochure holders can also be invaluable.  Having a stack of brochures sitting on the table makes the table appear cluttered and does not encourage people to take a brochure. There are a number of brochure holders to choose from some are table top brochure holders while others stand on the floor. Having the latter type of brochure holder can be a good option if your table is already quite full with your products and a presentation board.   Brochure holders can be made from metal, acrylic, or wood. Choose one that is within your budget, easy to transport to and from the trade show, and attractive.

If you have a number of brochures, then purchase a brochure holder that can display all of these. These displays will encourage potential clients to take one of your brochures and read it at a later date. While using a good looking brochure holder may not help to generate more sales in the short term, it can help to generate more sales in the long term. If you store your brochure holder in a cool dry place when not in use, it can last a long time and be reused at a number of trade shows or exhibitions.

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