Print Anywhere And Anytime With The Canon Pixma iP100

People who are constantly on the move do their tasks while traveling most of the time. They take every opportunity to work whether they are on the plane or in some other places. Fortunately for them, a number of devices that help them do their tasks conveniently can be found in the market.  One of those devices is the Canon Pixma iP100 travel printer. With this device on hand, these people are saved from the frustrations that they can get from not having an access to a printer when they most need one.

With a superb printing quality that gives people on the go the satisfaction they need with this kind of device, the Canon Pixma iP100 was made available in the market last 2008. With a 5-color ink tank and a faster printing speed than other brand models, it can give amazingly high printing outputs and is capable of printing an average of 14 colored pages a minute, and 20 black and white pages a minute. With its speed and great printing quality, any person is able to have the convenience that he/she seeks.

Canon Pixma iP100

Traveling with a good printer like the Canon Pixma iP100 makes life a lot easier.

Documents and photos can be printed in a very fast and time-saving way with this product. Images from digital cameras can be printed with ease right from the camera itself.  This is done through USB connection. And with its Bluetooth wireless capability, images and documents from laptops and camera phones can be printed with ease without connecting wires from device to device. Undeniably, the convenience that this brand model offers is not found in other competing brand printer models in the market.

Certainly, this product does not only do great in printing text documents but also does great in printing images. Its Auto Image Fix feature allows you to have your images corrected so that you can have the best photo quality. This is done by adjusting each image’s exposure, brightness, contrast, and color so that images can be produce at their best form. Every person who gets to use the Canon Pixma iP100 is sure to find great satisfaction with its outputs.

An LK-62 lithium ion rechargeable battery is used as the central source of power of this product. Its small size makes it ideal to be carried with you in virtually any place you would like. It can even fit inside your laptop bag pocket or compartments with the same size. Its portability along with its great speed, quality, and connectivity makes it a product that people who are constantly on the move should not miss.

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