The Most Expensive Laptop Bags and Cases


expensive laptop bags and cases

A more expensive laptop bag or case will generally protect your computer better.

Laptop bags are meant to protect our precious and reliable laptops from dust, dirt, scratches and dents.  Laptop bags are affordable and they are widely available. Every laptop owner should have one.

It is impractical to spend thousands of dollars on a laptop and yet refuse to protect that a computer with another investment which will cost less than a hundred dollars.

Every laptop owner wants to keep their laptop looking shiny, clean and brand new.

There are expensive laptop bags, however, which cost a lot of money.  They may be a little impractical but what is to stop you from buying one if you have the money?

  • Listed below are some of the most expensive laptop bags and cases which will be perfect for people who own pink laptops or any other laptop computer for that matter.
  • Bremen Laptop Traveler Bag. This bag has a price tag of $375. It is a roomy bag in black which has Knomo’s tracker system so if ever it gets lost, you’ll get reunited in no time. This is a spacious bag which is actually one of the least expensive on this list.
  • Jack Georges Croco Collection Classic Briefbag. This has a price tag of $800. It has a padded laptop compartment and a full organizer. It also features polished nickel hardware, a key lock and a stained croco-embossed calfskin exterior which is made from the finest companies in Italy.
  • Intrecciato Laptop Case. This is a very expensive laptop case with a price tag of $2350. The fact that it is made by Bottega Veneta might have something to do with its exorbitant amount. This bag here looks more like a purse than a laptop bag. The style and design does not justify the price. It looks plain and boring.
  • Laptop Case by Calder. This will set you back $4354. This is a carbon fiber hand-crafted laptop case. Carbon fiber is known to be 5 times stronger than steel and yet it is lighter than aluminum.  You can be sure that your laptop is protected with this bag.

You can always choose to go with one of the expensive laptop backpacks too, but it all depends on your style, fashion sense, and whether you are a student or not.

There are cheaper ways to protect your laptops of course.  Many college students opt for a cheap computer backpack to not only carry their laptops, but also to carry their other much needed school supplies.

There are many cheaper laptop bags and cases that cost around $30.  If this price is more in your budget then, Click Here To Shop for Laptop Bags and Cases at

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