Cappuccino Recipes – Making A Homemade Cold Raspberry Cappuccino

raspberry cappucino recipe

Raspberry Cappuccino... Ahhhhh!

If you prefer the sweeter side of a coffee experience, Cappuccinos are the best choice of coffee drink for you! Millions of coffee fans have brought this beverage to stardom, and of course the numerous versions of these cappuccino recipes have brought millions of profit to its makers as well.

For a delightful cup of cappuccino, espresso cafes will be the best stop to enjoy it. However, for average earners, hanging out in places like these everyday will not be advisable because the prices are not exactly budget friendly. But if you just can’t let go with your craving for a good cup of cappuccino, you have other choices than spending a fortune on coffee shops. How? By getting creative in making your very own cappuccino recipes!

Cappuccino can be enjoyed in two ways: Hot or cold. But in this article we will discuss the basics of preparing a cold cappuccino with or without using an espresso machine. Don’t have an espresso maker? Don’t worry too much because you can still make one by simply using a blender! Here’s a basic recipe that you can innovate to have different cappuccino flavors.

“Raspberry Cappuccino Mix” – serves 2 glasses of cold cappuccino mix


3/4 cup of chocolate milk
1/2 cup cold milk
1/3 cup of freshly brewed espresso or 1 tbsp. of instant coffee mixed with 1/3 cup of chilled water
2 tbsp. of chocolate syrup
1 cup of fresh raspberries (it has to be frozen)
1 1/2 cups of frozen yogurt

Unsweetened chocolate powder for garnish


1. Mix the coffee, chocolate milk, chocolate syrup, frozen raspberries and frozen yogurt in a blender. It’ll take only about a minute or two to blend the ingredients thoroughly and afterwards pour the smooth mixture in two empty glasses.

2. Rinse the blender and add the cold milk. Blend the milk on high speed for about a minute or till it becomes frothy. Pour on the smoothie on each glass of coffee blends, sprinkle it with unsweetened choco powder and it’s ready to be served!

Using the same procedure, you can create lots of cappuccinos recipes to enjoy. You can use almonds, walnuts, nutmegs, etc instead of raspberries. In creating a flavorful burst of cappuccino, you have to trust your imagination and let your experimental side help you develop a new blend to savor. Inviting friends over will be a brilliant idea to enjoy a flavorful cappuccino treat. Try this recipe with Delonghi bar32 retro espresso maker or Nespresso le cube.

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