Car Insurance – Does Comparing Policies Really Work?

compare car insurance

How important is it to compare car insurance?

Being able to compare car insurance deals online can be the big difference of you getting that all important cheap premium. Many of us in fact cannot seem too bothered about the slight increase in price on our renewal quote, as the majority of us just let it renew automatically. Is this because we are happy with the price? Or is it that we cannot be bothered getting any other quotations, to try and beat it? One thing that I do know is that the majority of motorists who do search around and try to get a cheaper quote, often do.

Simply, because the motor insurance market is a very competitive place and insurers are throwing lots of incentives at motorists trying to entice them to take out a policy with them. Free features and discounted deals is the result of a really competitive market, and some companies will do anything to get your business. Probably because in year two of your policy, they will increase the price of your car insurance by 20% and you will just accept it and renew it again. This is a great situation for insurers, who know that the majority of their customers will renew again next year, even though the price has gone up.

Anyway, why compare insurance policy? Comparing policies allows the motorist to be able to compare the policies that he or she has selected, alongside each other so a proper comparison can be made. Compare price, cover features, discounts, vouchers and money back offers, excess, no claims and any exclusions. But, before you do go getting lots of quotes, especially on liability insurance , always get a quote for the same coverage and excess, because you will not be able to incorporate a true like-for-like analysis.

You can compare quotes from many of the top insurers, but why not take a quick look at the Tesco car insurance plan; they are renowned for always giving their customers, a quality policy and a competitive price. There are lots to choose from but if you do happen to have an excellent no claims record you will be eligible for some pretty good discounts.

When comparing quotes you could play around with the voluntary excess, and see what the effect of increasing it to a much higher rate will do to your premium. In most cases, it will cause the overall cost of the plan to fall, and it could be by as much as 25%. So, when you really want a cheaper deal and don’t mind paying out more money on excess, then this is a good tactic for you.

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