Quality CZ Charms Jewelry

cubic zirconia charms jewelry

Many people are surprised to find that they can buy cheap cubic zirconia charms jewelry online at Amazon.com

There’s a lot of hype in the jewelry world about what it means to buy the best quality cubic zirconia stones as opposed to the cheaper options, but what is a reasonable price to pay for the quality CZ jewelry?

If you are new to buying this type of imitation stone in an effort to reduce the cost of your sparkling accessories then this article will hopefully give you a little insight into how to do so effectively.

Whether we are talking about high quality cz stones, or those that are of a little lower standard, these imitation gems are always very cheap to manufacture in comparison to the cost of mining the real thing.

The price you have to pay for a finished piece of jewelry will be affected by the cut you choose, whether it has been done by a machine or by hand. The main contributing factor towards the price though will depend on the metal you choose to pair up with the stone.

CZ Jewelry Prices – Wholesale Versus Retail

When you have a peek at the prices of bridal jewelry sets which are sold at wholesale cost to the retailer you will see that you can get them for as little as 8 to 12 dollars each, especially for those that are set in silver. These items can look fantastic and quite realistic due to the high grade of stone which is usually used even at this budget price point.

Cubic zirconia engagement rings at wholesale prices can be as low as $5 while wedding rings are available for just over $10.

Unfortunately these are not the prices you will get to pay for the latest pieces of cheap cz jewelry thanks to the mark up with retailers have to put on them in order to make a profit, but you can still get something stunning for your wedding day for anywhere between 30 and 70 dollars.

If you are willing to shop online for jewelry you can make greater savings as the retailers have lower overheads and can afford to take a lower profit on each piece.  This is true even for charms jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces too.

Once a person has a lot of jewelry and the jewellery box is overflowing they start to look for other options. 

One very popular choice these days is an over the door jewelry organizer.  There are many styles and sizes to choose from and most people find them a whole more convenient than a regular old jewelry box to organize and store not only their quality CZ jewels, but also their more expensive items.

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