Emeralds and Their Use In Jewelry

Emerald earrings are known for their deep green color. Emerald is actually the birthstone of May and it is also said that it is the gemstone for 20th and 35th wedding anniversary. Emeralds can be found in Brazil, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Pakistan and Russia, but the country that is most associated with the emerald trade is Colombia.

It is said that the emeralds mined in Colombia are of extraordinary quality. A high-value type of emerald, which is called the Trapiche emerald, can only be found in this country. This emerald shows a star-shaped figure caused by black carbon impurities.

Emeralds are rare and are valuable gemstones. This led to the development of synthetic/artificial emeralds. These emeralds are like the real ones especially when it comes to the optical properties. Synthetically produced emeralds are now widely used in the market to create earrings for women and other jewelry.

There are other gemstones that are somewhat similar to emeralds like the green sapphire, garnet and zircon, but these stones are more fragile than emeralds. According to the Moh’s hardness scale, the hardness of an emerald is 7½ – 8, where 10 is the highest. An emerald may not be as hard as a diamond but its hardness is enough to serve as a distinguishing factor from similar-looking stones.

Emerald earrings are available in different sizes, shapes and designs. They may be in the form of a stud, teardrop and dangling earrings just like any other earrings of different gemstones. You can also find earrings that have a combination of emerald and white diamonds in yellow gold or white gold which are very attractive. World famous jewelries are actually made of these combinations, like the Chalk Emerald Ring that has a top-quality 37 carat Colombian emerald and the Hooker Emerald Brooch that has a 75.47 carat emerald. These are amongst the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world.

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