Cheapest Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker – Panasonic SR-MS102

panasonic sr-ms102 rice cooker

Is the Panasonic SR-MS102 Rice Cooker Right For You?

There are a range of rice cooking appliances that you can choose from today. Consumer choice is a great thing but how do you know which one to get?  In this article I want to stress the importance of reading rice cooker reviews because this will help you pick out the right unit for your needs. There are many different brands to choose from. If I am being perfectly honest, you want to get a Japanese rice cooker if possible. This is because they are without doubt the best machines sold today. The four companies that sell some of their designs in the North American market are Sanyo, Zojirushi, Panasonic and Tiger. As long as you choose a Micom rice cooker, it is hard to go wrong.

Today I want to talk specifically about the Panasonic SR-MS102This is a 5 1/2 cup rice cooker that is a great option if you want high quality combined with a low price. It is an advanced Micom rice cooker. What this means is it has the Micom computer chip but also combines this with Fuzzy Logic technology. This is supposed to ensure a more even cooking of every grain of rice. This model is comparable to the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 rice cooker. The biggest difference really is the price. You can save $50 by choosing the Panasonic. The Zojirushi has slightly more options when it comes to cooking rice but the SR-MS102 has more non-rice cooking options which I shall discuss below.

It really depends on just what you are looking for in a rice cooker as to whether this is the best machine for you or not. For example, if you want your cooker to make great rice and are not too fussed about any additional functionality then perhaps the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 would be a better option. But if you want the cheapest Fuzzy Logic rice cooker then the Panasonic SR-MS102 is the one for you. In addition, you can also make cakes, use it as a slow cooker and also steam vegetables and seafood with it. This device really is a versatile kitchen appliance.


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