Better Choices for a Double Bed

double bed

Can one sleep good in a double bed?

The vast majority of us will never sleep in anything fancier than a standard sized double bed. Whether it be a divan or regular mattress within in a bed frame most of us see a bed as a functional piece of furniture. Of course we take the quality of the mattress seriously but don’t often over concern ourselves with the style of the bed and how that might impact our interior design ideas.

This is a shame as there are some exciting variations to be considered. In this article we will take a look at three interesting options.

A very classy and classical option is the sleigh bed. This very curvy bed frame has a wonderfully European feel to it, hardly surprising as the design was inspired by beds originally found in Napoleons’ France. However it has been a favorite of the moneyed classes in the US since the 1800’s. This is a timelessly classic design and really could be your bed for life. Be sure not to scrimp and save on this style, put your hand in your pocket and buy one in an expensive hardwood made by a reputable manufacturer. It will last you forever.

If that’s not quite your thing then how about a canopy bed? The classic four poster has been around forever, since the middle ages for heaven’s sake! A beautifully romantic bed there’s no reason why you should only enjoy one when staying in a hotel. There are some very stylish and affordable options available from various online retailers so you don’t have to go for an expensive antique. Think of all the fun you can have choosing the right bed canopy to drape over the bed! Definitely a great option for the romantic.

Now here’s an option that has gone right out of fashion but is definitely due a renaissance… the water bed! A lot of people have written then off as cheesy because of their associations with the 70’s and 80’s, not great decades for style. Nevertheless the water bed does have a small loyal following and those that love these beds say they would never go back to traditional mattresses. The feel of these beds is something very different and very special, if you’ve not tried one before you certainly should before you cross it off your list. Without doubt they do give incredible support to your entire body.

Three variations on the standard double bed and three new options for you to consider. Of course I would recommend that you try all theses styles out for yourself before making a final decision. A bed is a very personal object and each one of us like something different.


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