Conservatories For Year Round Living.


House plants do well year round in a conservatory or sun room

Homeowners have different ideas regarding what they require from conservatories.  Some want large living areas whereas others simply need a small addition to their homes for an office.  Others have a specific design in mind whereas others are happy to go with the best value structure that is on the market.

One of the qualities that most people agree that they do want in a sun room, is that it can be used all year round.  This in fact is one of the major challenges that faces manufacturers of conservatories.

These structures can be constructed from most any material and you can see sunrooms that have been erected by handymen onto the back of their own homes.  They may consist merely of some sheets of corrugated Perspex on a frame, but are perfectly adequate for attractive summer days.

However if you want to be able to use a sunroom during all of the seasons of the year, you will have to erect a structure that is built from quality materials that are erected properly.

The main problems with regard to being able to use these structures year round are the fluctuations in temperature that they will encounter.  Temperatures can be terribly hot during a mid summers day and can range from that high to very cold night-time temperatures in the middle of winter.  A good conservatory has to be properly insulated in order to be able to provide an equable internal temperature for the occupants of the home.

The quality of the glazing is paramount for timber or uPVC conservatories that are to be properly insulated. You can also back this up by having internal roof and window blinds in the sunroom, but by having excellent glazing installed from the start will mean that the heat will not get into your conservatory in the first place and in the winter any built –up heat will not escape easily.


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