Must Follow Tips for Clean Healthy Teeth

tips for clean healthy teeth

Proper dental care keeps your teeth clean and healthy

When it comes to caring for your teeth properly it is helpful to understand exactly just how dental decay happens. Understanding the process makes it easier to see just how important daily proper oral hygiene actually is to your oral health. Basically, throughout the day your teeth become covered by food debris and other particles that if not cleaned off the teeth will break down to form a white chalky substance known as plaque.

Plaque is extremely hard to remove once it has formed and even worse it produces and acidic bacteria by-product that eats away the enamel of your teeth forming cavities. The only way to prevent decay is to clean your teeth daily. Dentists in santa clarita offer the following tips for keeping your teeth plaque free:

Brushing– There is no substitute for regular brushing. It is the most efficient way to clean debris from your teeth. Make sure to brush after every meal. If that is not possible try to at least rinse your mouth out with water. One of the most common mistakes made when it comes to brushing is not replacing the toothbrush soon enough. Replace your brush every six months so that your bristles are firm.

Flossing– The gaps in your teeth are notorious for trapping food and other debris. The problem is brushing can not reach them and fat too often people do not floss. You should be flossing every single night. Employ a back and forth motion working the floss around the gum line of the adjacent teeth. Never use the same segment of floss to clean a different gap to avoid transferring debris.

Chew Gum– What? That’s right chewing gum enriched with xylitol has been shown to be an effect way to prevent dental decay. The xylitol works to neutralize the acidic bacteria that produces cavities. Chewing 2-3 pieces a day can basically guarantee you are cavity free for your next check up.

Following these tips you will be able to keep your teeth in clean healthy shape between professional cleanings. The main goal for maintaining good oral health is prevention. Learn more about preventing plaque for santa clarita dentists.


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