Continue Eating Healthy Even During a Move

Often, there is nothing organized or normal about a household that is in the process of moving, even if they have the help of a  professional moving company.

Boxes are stacked in rooms, pictures and other cherished possessions are no longer on walls or shelves, and sometimes, even the cupboards are relatively bare.

granola bars variety pack - eat healthy on moving day

Having a variety pack of healthy granola bars around can really help to take the edge off your hunger during the hectic days of moving.

Many people intentionally try to eliminate their surplus groceries so that they do not need to be moved, and especially those that are in the refrigerator.

While this is a good plan, preparation for the move may very well last for days or weeks, and families still need to eat, and eat healthy.

Watch what you eat

During this process, families, that normally eat three healthy meals a day may begin to rely on quick snacks, fast food, and other easy meals.

This may seem like a necessity at the time, but the truth is, that those who are accustomed to eating a balanced diet can easily suffer from this sudden change.

Children especially do not adapt well to this change, and even adults will find that their bodies will react badly, with an overall sluggish feeling and stomach problems, that only add to the other problems involved in moving.

What are the best foods to have around during moving time?

During this period, it is important to plan ahead by preparing balanced meals that can be stored easily and warmed up quickly, even if the only method of cooking is the microwave.

Fruits and raw vegetables can easily be kept in the refrigerator, or in some cases, a cooler, and transported later. And, healthy granola bars, trail mixes, and other quick snacks can be kept for emergency snacking, as can bottled juices, and of course, lots of water. If the family does need to eat out, they should choose a restaurant that has a full menu, including salads.

How hiring a professional moving company helps.

Families can plan all this, and stick to their healthy diet easier, if they have more free time, and this is where moving companies come in handy.

These professionals are well trained to help eliminate the chaos involved in moving, by expertly packing, transporting, and unpacking all of the family’s furnishings. This is not only a time and energy saver for the family, it takes some of the stress factor from the move, and allows them to concentrate on taking care of themselves.

It can be difficult to find a good moving company though, especially in a world where so many scams exist. For that reason, most people visit a trusted website such as in order to get multiple moving quotes from highly rated movers in their area.

While some people are still reluctant to hire these professionals, for the most part, movers are reliable and responsible workers, who take their jobs very seriously. In the long run, families that try to maintain some kind of normal routine any way they can, and have more time to take care of themselves, will have a much happier and healthier move.

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