Removing Unsightly Stretch Marks With Lasers

cosmetic laser surgery stretch mark removal

Most all women get stretch marks after having a baby, but many men get them too. You can have cosmetic laser surgery for stretch mark removal.

It’s surprising just how many individuals you can find with stretch marks. Stretch marks affect most of us at one time or another. It can be caused by a multitude of conditions.

Young men lifting weights, the quick growth spurts experienced during puberty, and pregnancies are all examples of conditions likely to result in stretch marks.

When still fresh stretch marks may show up as reddish or purplish lines. Stretch marks may appear indented.  The area is likely to have a different texture than the skin surrounding the area. In time, the color will likely fade so the area will not stand out so prominently.

Cosmetic lasers are a fairly new method used for removal of stretch marks. Lasers are becoming very popular in all types of cosmetic treatments and is a common instrument used in medical spas.

Lasers are now commonly used for acne laser scar removal, mole removal, as well as cosmetic surgery stretch mark removal.  Lasers result in more benefit with a quicker healing time.

Other popular uses for the newest types of lasers are for laser tattoo removal and teeth whitening.

More traditional methods used in the past include creams and gels. These have not proven to be very effective. Skin moisturizers may help with the appearance of stretch marks and ease the itchiness often associated with them. You can also use various tanning products to mask your stretch marks.

One of the benefits of laser stretch mark removal is that it actually stimulates collagen growth which ultimately heals the area from the inside out. The laser is able to penetrate to the deeper skin layers and ultimately treating the problem starting at the bottom layer.

When the newly formed collagen thickens it will help to fill in the stretch mark with healthy skin and you will avoid having to use cellulite cream down the road.

Unfortunately, stretch mark removal as well as other related procedures are normally not covered by medical insurance but it doesn’t hurt to ask.  Many cosmetic offices and medical spas offer reasonable financing if that is an option that appeals to you.

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