Different Kinds Of Wooden Counter Stools

Many furniture makers like wood because it makes an excellent material in manufacturing counter stools. Wooden counter stools have rich colors and look very attractive so they are highly patronized by business owners and homeowners. When you purchase new furniture, it is best to get something that can easily blend with the rest of the furniture and with the home theme. We will present here the most popular kinds of wooden counter stools that you can choose from.

The first classification of wooden stools is in terms of the materials used to manufacture them. Cherry wood is naturally darker than other woods. It makes great counter stools for modern-looking rooms because the natural color of cherry wood pairs very well with non-traditional colors. For more traditional schemes, great choices in stool materials include oak, teak, cedar and mahogany. For a tropical look, consider the bamboo counter stools.

The next classification of wooden counter stools involves the parts of these seating items. Wooden stools with backrests provide back support and are excellent for very young and elderly users. Increased comfort can be derived from using stools that have back rests thus offering greater satisfaction to users. However, due to the presence of backrests, the stools weigh heavier than their backless counterparts and will be more inconvenient to move them around the house. On the other hand, backless wooden counter stools are the seats of choice for people who are always on the go because it is easier to get up and get down from these stools. Many homemakers and business owners also like these stools because they are light in weight, easy to carry and save space because they can be pushed under the table or counter.

Wooden counter stools are available with or without armrests although most are produced without armrests. The ones with armrests are particularly useful for kids or elderly users. Most wooden counter stools come with footrests since counter stools are elevated and users will need a resting place for their feet.

All wooden stools can be identified as either stationary stools or swivel stools. As indicated in its name, the stationary wooden stool is stationary and does not move unless the user gets up from the stool and moves it. On the other hand, the wood swivel counter stool can rotate at 360 degrees in both directions allowing users to move freely and change their views of the room while seated. Another popular feature of counter stools is the height adjustability where the elevation of the stools can be adjusted to the level that is comfortable for the users.

These are the different kinds of wooden stools available to the consumers. When purchasing such furniture, make sure that you assess your requirements and select the stool model that is most suitable for you and your home.

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