Three Man Camping Dome Tent

Suisse Sport Wyoming 3 Room Family Dome Tent

A three-man dome tent is the classic tent structure for friends and family looking for a tent that has spacious headroom and floor area.

A  three man camping dome tent is an ideal tent for anyone looking for a spacious tent with an easy set up. 

A three-man tent is the classic tent structure for friends and family looking for a tent that has spacious headroom and floor area.

Due to their weight and high profile in wind, these tents are generally used in a park and camp outings.

The easy set-up of these tents is due to the obvious cross pattern of the poles. First, lay out the tent flat, then thread the two poles through either the tent sleeves or clips, and finally bend the poles into the grommets or sewn webbing and you are in business.

Some models have a built in rain fly that may require an additional pole.  Other models have a separate rain fly that is thrown over the top of the tent and clipped in at the base of the poles.  Most rain flies are staked out at the door section to create a vestibule. 

Campers living in wet environments should look for a tent with a rain fly that covers the tent to its base.

Another consideration is whether you are looking for a two or three season tent.  For campers who like to camp in colder temperatures, three season tents allow campers to zip up the mosquito mesh to trap in warm air.

Another reason many car campers and some backpackers include the 3-man dome tent in their camping gear is because of its spacious nature.

While these camping tents can comfortably fit three people, some people with lots of gear, or who generally do not like confined spaces, opt for the 3-man dome tent for the extra room.  The dome structure of these tents also provide ample head space for sitting up and playing cards or packing gear in the morning.

If you are looking for a spacious, easy to set up 3-man tent, a 3-man dome tent is an excellent choice for the weekend warrior who likes to camp near a vehicle and those who need to carry 5 gallon water jugs with them. 

It is also a good choice for fair weather backpackers, who can split up the weight of the tent in packs, and are looking for more space than the low profile backpacking tents offer.

With options for dry or wet climates and two and three season tents, there are many options from which to choose. Bigger groups of campers generally go for an eight man tent or something similar to an Ozark Trail Hanging Tent Gazebo.

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