Do’s And Don’ts For The Prevention And Treatment Of Nail Fungus

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Happy toes make happy feet. Keep them clear of fungus.

While nail fungus infections are very common affecting many thousands of Americans each year, the disease is often misunderstood, ignored and treated ineffectively. In this article we try and shed light on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to treatment and prevention.

Do see a health professional if your nails are changing in color and losing texture. Nail fungus infections result in yellow or brown discolorations and a thickening of the nail. In severe cases the nail can become very distorted.

Do treat your nail fungus outbreak. Nail fungus infections will get worse over time and rarely disappear without treatment.

Do explore natural remedies for nail fungus if your infection is mild or just starting. Many sufferers have seen their infections disappear after applying tea tree oil daily to affected nails over a few months for example. If your nail fungus infection is more entrenched try a nail lacquer such as Loceryl that contains Amorolfine, a clinically proven antifungal agent. For a natural remedy consider the Zetaclear review over at Fungus Facts.

Do treat outbreaks of Athlete’s foot as early as possible as the same fungus can also cause nail fungus a condition that is far harder to treat.

Don’t expect visible improvements quickly after you start treatment. It can take several weeks for you to see a reduction in infection and many months for a completely healthy nail to grow out.

Don’t walk around barefoot in public facilities such as showers and gym changing rooms as fungi thrive in these warm and wet environments. It’s far safer to wear rubber flip flops or neoprene foot slippers.

Don’t share your nail instruments with other people if you have a nail fungus infection.

Don’t hide your affected toenails in shoes and socks even if you are embarrassed about how they look. It’s a good idea to expose them to the air and sunlight at least once during the day as this will help weaken the fungus.


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