Home Treatment For A Tennis Elbow

home treatment for tennis elbow

Tennis Elbow Troubles?

If you are afflicted by a tennis elbow, there are various treatments for the condition that can be done from the comfort of your home. The home cures are also a good way of preventing more injury and strengthening your arm muscles. A tennis elbow results from repetitive strain and affects the arm tendons. You can use home treatments to alleviate pain caused by the condition as well as speed the rate of healing. The following are some tennis elbow treatments that will help you with the condition.

i. Rest: You should ensure that that your hands are at rest most of the time, particularly the forearm muscles, wrist and fingers. This can be done by using the tennis elbow band and stopping all the activities that may stress the injured area. This should be done several times a week and the duration will be determined by how severe the tendon damage is.

ii: Ice packs: Apply the ice packs around the injury at least thrice a day until the injury heals. This eases pain, and reduces inflammation and swelling. During the initial 72 hrs after you have been injured, you should apply the ice for 10 minutes continuously, and repeat this after every hour. After this phase, the ice pack can be applied for about 15 minutes thrice in a day. Apply the ice when you wake up, lunchtime and in the evening.

iii. Use a brace as counter force: Using a brace especially when engaged in any kind of activity that may lead to excessive arm movements will enable the injury to heal much faster. This is a strap, that you wear around the forearm slightly below your elbow. This brace, which is among the best tennis elbow cures allows pressure to spread throughout the arm.

iv. Elevation: You should try to keep your elbow in an elevated position as it aids in pain alleviation and reduces swelling around the injured area.

v. Anti-inflammatory medication. When using painkillers for the tennis elbow, you should ensure that you use anti-inflammatory drugs that are non-steroidal as they reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

vi. Exercise: Simple stretching routines on a daily basis will ease the stiffness that may develop around the tendons. If you experience pain, you should stop the exercise as going on may cause damage on the injured area.

These home treatments for tennis elbow are quite effective and you should begin to notice significant improvement in the symptoms, reduced pain and swelling.


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