A Dummy CCTV Camera Can Provide Great Security

 dummy CCTV camera

A dummy cctv camera is an inexpensive addition to your home security arsenal.

Home security does not have to cost a lot of money. In fact, there are some simple things you can do to discourage a thief from choosing your house to rob.

Thieves and robbers will generally case out the house and the neighborhood to determine which house will be the easiest to break into.

Simply looking at a house will not tell a would be robber whether or not there is a security system wired to the doors and windows or whether there are cameras inside the house.  Most robbers instead look for it easier signs that the home has good security.

Typically they will look to see if they can find any stickers from security companies on gates or doors. They will also look for CCTV cameras in the driveway.

Something that many homeowners do is simply put up a fake home security sign and stickers around their house and yard that state that their house is hooked up to an alarm and security system. While a robber may not know for sure if that is the case, it is unlikely that they would break in to see.

It is fairly simple to pick up these home security surveillance signs. You can find them in many hardware stores and they are also available for purchasing online.  In many cases that is all you will need. A burglar will rarely enter a home that looks as if it is well protected and hooked up to a security system,especially if you have a video intercom system installed too.

Another option is to actually buy a dummy CCTV camera and put it up outside. From outside the gate, these cameras look very real and there is no way to know whether they work or not.  In fact some fake cameras look so real that they even have small red lights shining on them.

Of course, in order for this ruse to work you will need to act as if everything is legitimate and working well. This also means not telling your neighbor’s that you do not have a real security system hooked up.  If a potential burglar does hear that your security system is not real, chances are he may well break into your home.

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