Four things to learn about a video intercom system before you buy

A video intercom system is a great way of not having to open the door when the bell rings at night. Instead of relying on a chain and peeking through the Gap all you have to do is look at the display monitor to see who’s there without having to open the door. This is a much safer way of seeing who is there.  It’s much harder for someone to try and force their way through a locked door than it is to prise open a door which is already partially open.

Most people get worried about opening the door at night. For this reason make sure the system has an infrared camera so you can see who was there when there is no daylight. As time goes on you may want to add an intercom system to your back door or have multiple screens so you can see who was there from the kitchen or from the living room etc. While the picture quality will not usually be as good as you are used to from a digital camera, it is more than acceptable. To prevent yourself from having to purchase new equipment from square one make sure you buy from a manufacturers whose systems are extendable.

People often confuse an intercom with a door entry system. A door entry system allows you to open the door from inside the house. Video intercom is can be hooked up to work this way but they need an extra component called a door strike. This will cost extra and has to be installed into the door making it a harder job.

Entry-level intercom systems start at around $350. And this is where we get to the first thing you need to remember it’s okay to buy online if you’re pretty good a do-it-yourself but if not then it’s much better to go local and get an installation as part of the deal.

Some intercom manufacturers allow their equipment to hook into other home security devices giving you a central point of control, this includes outdoor security cameras and motion sensor alarms but of course the more sophisticated it gets the more expensive it becomes.


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