Energy Efficient Options: Solar Powered Yard Lighting

solar yard light

Solar Yard Lights are more popular than ever.

There are several ways you can bring illumination into your yard or garden area. One of the ways is to use some traditional styled wall and ceiling lights around the outside entrances to your house.

These are generally used to light the entryways to the house as well as the garage. These are now available in styles that are solar powered.

The solar patio light fixture will have a storage unit and battery cell it operates from for a specific amount of time. The solar energy collector simply needs to be positioned in an area of direct sunlight to absorb the energy used.

There are also several decorative styles of yard and landscape lights that can operate on solar power. Some styles of solar yard lights use string lights. These can be the multi-colored bulb styles generally associated with a festive occasion, or the type of small path lighting used around sidewalks and gardens.

Like the ceiling styles, these solar powered yard lights will have a collector box that is placed outside in an area of sunlight. Some specialty garden lights, created as larger pieces will contain their energy storage cell in the base of the light, and solar walkway lights make a good addition if you have a longer sidewalk or garden paths in your back or side yard.

In addition to the various decorative styles, there are also lights that run on solar energy made specifically for use with decks. Some of these come as deck post lights that sit on the top of your deck’s posts.

solar deck light

Solar Deck Lights. Variety abounds.

These often resemble lantern lights and are available in various styles and colors. There are also recessed lights that are set into the floor boards of your deck or in the stairs of the deck.

All of these lights can be found at most home and garden stores that carry outdoor lighting products. They are a great way to add décor and illumination to any area of your yard. They also help you save money and conserve energy so you and your family can enjoy the look of your yard for many years to come.

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