Solar Powered Lights for the Garden

solar garden lighting

Solar Garden Lighting Package

Garden lights are not restricted to just one type of light fixture. They actually come in many designs and styles which can be applied to different areas of the garden.

Although gardens are well manicured and tamed, you still need to use weatherproof light fixtures which can be used outdoors. The wind, rain, and sun can work to degrade lights which are not strong enough for this use.

When lighting a garden for the first time, one should select lights that have an installation procedure within their skill set.

Since most people do not have any electrical experience, most choose solar lights these days. Solar garden lights are the easiest models to install and use.

Solar lights for the garden use a photovoltaic panel which captures sunlight and turns it into electricity.  This process is completely self sustaining and does not require any power from your home.

While it might not make much of a difference when only using one fixture, the money savings can really add up when many lights are used. The power is kept within a couple of batteries so it can be used at night time. These batteries are rechargeable and do not have to be replaced for several years. Extreme temperatures can reduce the lifespan of these batteries.

Solar technology has gotten small enough to where it can be fit into a variety of garden lighting fixtures. These range from solar spot lights to color changing light stakes.

Solar garden lights are restricted to LED lights due to the fact that they are energy efficient, and you can find them not only in this type of outdoor lighting, but also in umbrella lights for the patio.

Solar panels do not produce as much energy as a wall outlet, therefore a more efficient bulb is necessary. These bulbs produce pure colors which come in many hues. Lights like these can last for several hours before running out of energy for the day, and do a wonderful job of lighting up your outdoor garden or patio area for most of the night.

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