The possibilities of french door curtain panels

French door curtain panels refer to the type of curtain, which is used specifically for French doors.

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A popular french door curtain panel style is to cinch it in the middle, thereby creating an hourglass shape.

These curtains are attached at the bottom and top of the door, making these distinct from curtains that hang down freely from a curtain rod.

The curtains are long rectangles that usually cover a panel on the door and these panels usually feature a window or window design.

A popular panel style is to cinch it in the middle, thereby creating an hourglass shape.

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French door curtain panels come in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics. Popular styles include white sheer, lace, and country plaid designs.

The white sheer quality of many of the fabrics is said to complement windows inlaid in the French doors.

More decorative fabrics like lace and carefully picked patterns enhance the aesthetic quality of a room.

Ready Made or Custom Fit?

French door curtain panels can be bought ready-made, custom-fitted, or made at home.

Ready-made curtains are available in a variety of lengths and widths. Custom-fitted curtains can be ordered online or over the phone from a variety of companies. Many online and book resources exist on how to sew curtains (one of the easiest DIY projects out there), even these kinds of specific curtain panels.

It is important not to forget special curtain rods for the bottom and top of the panel.  If these have not already been installed on your doors, it is easy to install them yourself.  Again, look online or visit your local home improvement store.

These curtain panels create a softer, more sophisticated look when compared to the alternative of messy blinds and still provide a sense of security and privacy for your home.

Curtain panels can fit into almost any budget and decorative scheme. From homemade potato sack panels to custom-fitted silk curtains, French door curtain panels can brighten up any room.


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