A Garage Floor Coating That Offers Protection and Safety

Garage floor coatings help to prevent slips and falls in the garage which are a major cause of mishaps in the home although you may not understand this.  The problem with a slip in this part of your home is the likelihood of serious damage when you strike the concrete floor.

quality garage floor coating

A top quality garage floor coating will include non-slip additives to help prevent slips and falls.

Actually, if you strike the rear of your head it can quite easily cause a concussive brain damage or even death.  Therefore, you should do what you can to make your garage as secure as possible.  The primary stage is to use a top quality garage floor coating with non-slip additives.

An epoxy based covering is going to be the best and most durable. An epoxy is a very strong solid that is created when two liquids, the resin and the hardener, are mixed. Mixing only some droplets of the hardener into the resin will instigate a chemical reaction that rapidly develops into a very tough surface.

It is essential to apply only a six foot square area at a time because this procedure occurs very fast.

In general, you will need to mix a sufficient amount to do an approximately six foot square area at a time.  Apply the anti-slip additive once an area is coated and before it dries.

There are two options, either you can use a granular material such as industrial sand (do not use beach sand because it generally has a high salinity content), or you can use colored flakes of paint. These flakes add a beautiful look of three-dimensions to the surface.

rustoleum epoxy garage floor coating

Rustoleum makes a high quality epoxy garage floor coating that you can find at most hardware stores and home centers.

It is generally better if you purchase it in a kit form such as the Epoxy shield garage floor coating Rustoleum kit although you can purchase each element separately.

Having a floor like this not only adds an extra level of safety it also looks good and fits in well with your other garage decor such as your customized garage storage solutions.

The floor covering is no different from other Rustoleum products which as you probably realize has made quite a name for themselves in the paint coating business.

This kit has all you require as well as directions in order that your results end up good, and your fresh and secure garage floor covering for your wooden garage kit endures for years or even decades.

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