Give Silver Ruby Earrings A Try

Rubies have long been a symbol of love and silver is a metal thought to enhance a stone’s powers. Silver ruby earrings are a good gift for the woman in your life.

silver ruby earrings and necklace

A pair of earrings plus a necklace made from rubies and sterling silver makes an excellent gift.

Rubies are also said to have the power to attract love and increase circulation in the body.

Rubies are also thought to help cleanse the body, an affect also attributed to sterling silver.

When combined, a ruby stone and sterling silver are thought by some people to create a healing energy that will give you a sense of peace while it purifies your body.

No matter what you believe, silver and ruby earrings are definitely a beautiful combination.

There are many styles of earrings and each ruby is unique. To find a quality ruby, you should go to a jeweler that you trust. You can buy silver ruby earrings off of the internet, but the quality of the stones and silver are uncertain.

Many synthetic stones are so well made that without a jeweler’s trained eye you may be paying for an inferior stone.

Many rubies come from the Middle East and India. Some rubies have been found in the United States, but the bulk of the rubies on the market continue to come from other countries. The most prized color is called pigeon red. It is a deep red clear stone that is the most prized.

Silver is mined in many areas such as Mexico, China, Australia, Chile and Peru along with other countries. Mexico and Peru produce the majority of silver mined today. Silver has been used for centuries as jewelry and more recently in many areas of technology.

silver ruby earrings

Ruby Earrings are both stylish and sophisticated.

Sterling silver is 92.5% pure. Silver jewelry may be sterling silver or silver plated. Sterling silver is much stronger than pure silver and is an excellent choice for jewelry.   Many women like to buy a set of earrings along with a matching necklace to complete the look.

The combination of rubies and silver is always an attractive one.  Silver ruby earrings are the perfect gift to show the woman you love how much she means to you.

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