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natural cure for oral yeast infection

No... a knife won't help you cure your Oral Yeast Infection!

Yeast infections in the mouth are often called thrush, and most people associate them with babies or the elderly.  However, these oral yeast infections can occur in almost anyone, although certain risk factors can increase the chances of thrush developing.  The organism that can cause thrush, Candida, actually is present in the mouth of 40% of people.  Usually, the person is completely unaware that the yeast is there, it will be kept controlled by various factors.

As with most yeast infections, thrush makes itself known when there is a disruption of the beneficial flora of the body.  Antibiotics are often a cause of this, so should be taken only when needed. Antibiotics will do absolutely nothing against viruses, they only affect bacteria, including the good bacteria that help to maintain the proper balance in your body. Mouthwashes can also upset the balance in the mouth, as can mouth sprays, so these should be avoided.  Brushing the teeth several times a day will help prevent oral yeast infections.

The symptoms of an oral yeast infection include white spots and patches in the mouth. If these patches are scratched at to remove them, an inflamed area will be found.  There is no way to mechanically cure thrush, further scratching or rubbing at the spot will only produce bleeding.  Babies will often signal that they have an oral yeast infection by refusing to take food.

There may also be cracking at the corners of your mouth, and there will be patches that peel from your tongue and palate.  Because of the presence of these sores and cracks, there will usually be a burning sensation in the mouth.  If the condition is not treated, and if it becomes serious, the Candida can spread down the throat and into the lungs.

There are several ways to treat thrush, and most are very effective as long as the individual does not have any condition that affects their immune system.  There are liquid and tablet medications, and lozenges as well.  These will have to be taken for about two weeks, but the infection should clear up within that time.

Once the thrush has been cleared up, there are several things that can be done to minimize the chances of it developing again.  Once again, do not use mouthwashes or sprays and practice good oral hygiene. As yeast just loves to eat sugary foods, cutting back on your intake of these can help to keep the Candida numbers low, and help to prevent a recurrence of the thrush infection. To better understand your body learn about the natural cure for yeast infection to prevent future thrush problems.

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