Is A Heavy Wool Coat For Winter Fashionable?

heavy wool coat

A heavy wool winter coat will last a lifetime.

When people think of heavy winter coats they usually don’t think of sleek and stylish wool coats.  Instead they think of bulky jackets such as the colorful ski jackets and down filled puffy marshmallow type coats.

But once the weather turns cold your first priority is to stay warm and dry and most people want to look good doing it too. The amazing thing is that a sleek and stylish wool coat is a great addition to your winter wardrobe and with a huge variety of styles for men and women it is easy to do.

Woolen coats are both beautiful and practical, if not the cheapest investment in winter outerwear you will ever make because they last such a long time.

A lot of women look every winter for a coat that will keep them warm and is stylish too, but never find just what they need because they shy away from the prices of a long wool coat that would just fit the bill for what they are looking for.

The truth is that an investment of one hundred dollars or so can get you a very stylish and warm coat that more than likely you will be handing down to your heirs.

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cashmere blend wool trench coat

A cashmere blend wool trench coat will keep you warm and is very stylish too.

There are many long cut and not too bulky wool coats for men and women which are very fashionable and as of late the wool pea coat seems to be the most popular.

Pea coats come in a variety of lengths and most people would agree that they are very stylish.

If it very cold outside many people choose to wear a lightweight fleece that is a wool blend or even a light wool sweater to help insulate them and keep them warm rather than trying to bulk up with one or two heavy wool sweaters which will only make them sweat.

It is always best to layer your clothing in the cooler winter months and if you are going to be working outside for any length of time a loose fitting heavy wool work coat is ideal.

A layer or two of additional clothing underneath a wool coat is all it takes to keep a person warm even under the most frigid conditions so if you are looking for the best outdoor winter wear consider 100% wool for the heaviest of clothing, but keep in mind that a blend of wool and other materials will be lighter and easier to find.

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