How To Find The Right Futon Mattresses For Your Life

futons and futon mattresses

From cheap to expensive, futons and futon mattresses are more popular than ever.

Futon mattresses are often a second thought after buying a futon frame. However, mattresses are the base for sleeping and sitting with a futon.

If you do not spend your money wisely, you might have a fantastic looking frame with a very uncomfortable mattress to sit and sleep on.

There are several ways to shop for mattresses.  Size is very important.   Let’s look at a few common options.

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One of the most basic features of futon mattresses are their size.
Many people assume a futon comes in a full or queen size.  However, there are futons that use a twin or king size mattress.

It is important to find a mattress that fits your futon frame exactly as that will make the futon nice to sit and sleep on comfortably.  It will also keep it looking like a piece of furniture and not something that belongs in a bachelor pad right after college.

futon chair mattress

There are futon frames in the size of chairs that are perfect for smaller spaces. You can find mattresses to fit those frames as well.

There are futon frames in the size of chairs that are perfect for smaller spaces. You can find mattresses to fit those frames as well.

Another way to shop for futon mattresses is by comfort level.  As with regular mattresses, you can get mattresses for futons in soft, medium, and firm comfort levels. Many of the soft mattresses are simply cotton covers over a batting interior.

These so called mattresses which are batting covered with cotton offer a bit of cushioning, but very little support.  That is fine for an overnight guest, but not a good idea for regular use.

Medium mattresses offer a layer of support most soft ones do not.  Some come with a stiff foam core wrapped with cotton or wool for cushioning.

Some actually have inner springs.  This should be the minimum support level for any regular use of the futon for sleeping.

There are firm support mattresses available for futons as well.  These follow the same designs at the medium comfort level.  They have either a stiff foam core or springs.

Another obvious method for selecting futon mattresses is by brand name.  Some of the top mattress manufacturers provide options for futon comfort.  The best way to shop for a mattress though is by how often you use it and how much you are willing to spend. One very popular kind of furniture for the bedroom is futon bunk beds.

If you use a futon for sleeping every night, it is important to put money towards a good one otherwise you will be sorry that you bought a cheap futon mattress.  If you use the futon more for sitting than sleeping, buying a decent mattress is important. Only you can decide what the right fit is for you.

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