Why You Can’t Stay Single Forever

Being single can be a great thing. You don’t have to worry about how to get a boyfriend fast, and you don’t have to worry about answering to any one else but yourself. Having the freedom to do whatever you want can be a great thing, if you want to go out with your girls you can. If you want to speak to your male friends you can without any fear of jealous people questioning you.

Despite all the benefits of being single though, there comes a time in every girl’s life where you simply need a partner to be with. Being alone can get very lonely after a while, so having some one to share you life with will be needed sooner or later. After all, you can’t live the single life forever, what happens to when you’re ready to have kids? And do you have the dream of getting married at any point? If so you need to start thinking of getting a guy sooner rather then later.

It takes a while to get a boyfriend, so keeping your eye out is always a good idea.

If you want to go from flirting to forever review the way your life with guys is going. I don’t know why you decided to stay single in the first place, but what ever the reason is that’s in the past. You can’t let the past determine what you do in the future, living like this will mean you’ll always be living in the past.

Think back to when you were young for a minute. Did you dream of having a family like more other young girls? Did you dream about having a big wedding? I bet you had all the colors picked out and everything.

Being single can be great for a while, but don’t forget it can’t be a long term thing. Good luck with finding your long term partner.

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