Shopping For Bedding? You Can Only Have A Single Duvet

Duvets reduce the complexity of making a bed; they have been doing so since the French revolution. Now they are reducing the complexity of marketing bedding for a ‘cash and carry’ store in down town London.

Mama’s Duvets, an establishment with a penchant for memorable marketing is at it again. This time round, their campaign is christened, ‘To be fair, take only one!’  and aims to create ‘artificial scarcity’ around their hand-made duvets by allowing shoppers to buy a single duvet for every trip they make to their outlets.

“We know that very few designers can match our duvets,”  explained an enthusiastic Don Simmers, marketing executive for Mama’s Duvets, when I met him at their North London stores, “that’s because we source our ideas from at least two hundred bedding experts.”

And the word does spread for such eccentric marketing antics in fact Mama’s Duvets’ efforts have turned viral on the social networking site Facebook. Having started a fan page, A single duvet, 3,000 enthusiasts enlisted as fans and immediately started commenting on their favorite picks and disheartening displeasures, including one who posted, “Only one of these heavenly spreads?!  How can you be so mean?”

So what is it really that makes for a worthy duvet? Duvets come in two categories, hand made and machine woven. Hand made duvets border on luxury and are consequently top of the range.

That’s expected since they live up to the promise of ‘silky smooth sleep’ and if anyone is out shopping for bedding, it is recommended to try one. They are superior in quality, durable and posses hypoallergenic properties (cause minimal allergic reactions) to their machine made counterparts.

As for Mama’s Duvets, time has proven them spot on. Most recent on their marketing achievements is the free publicity they received from CNN, the huge news network, that reported a story of a key official in David Cameron’s government whose opening remarks in a meeting were, ‘Has anyone joined ‘A single duvet’ on Facebook?  Aren’t those spreads awesome!’

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