Your guide to the best products for curly hair

Different types of hair need different products and care to keep them in good condition. As anyone with curly hair knows, it may tend to frizz at times and it needs special care products to keep the curls smooth and beautiful.

Shea Butter Shampoo

Shea Butter Shampoos Work Great For Frizzy Hair.

The structure of hair that curls easily makes it tend toward the frizziness that most people dread. In addition to frizz, it seems to become dry very easily.

When the hair is curly, it is harder for sebum, the oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands to work down along the hair shaft.

In addition, the natural waves in the hair stops the outer surface of the hair from lying flat to form the protective layer that is needed to keep the hair moisturized. This makes it easier for this kind of hair to lose moisture and it becomes susceptible to damage.

When on the hunt for the best hair products for curly hair types, look for formulas that:

  • Tackle dryness by moisturizing hair
  • Prevent excess damage by locking in moisture to protect the hair
  • Combat the frizz and work on defining the curls.

Shampoo that Moisturizes

It is best to stay away from clarifying shampoos that may be too harsh on certain hair types with a tendency toward dryness. Look instead for shampoos that are creamier and contain ingredients that condition in order to care for this hair.

The best shampoo for curly frizzy hair can be good for a protective coating and nourishing the hair. Shampoos that are sulfate free contain ingredients that have a more gentle action and this makes them a good choice when standard shampoo proves to be too drying.

Try This Formula:

  • Shea Moisture Organic Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo


In order to keep hair manageable and defined, it is important to have a good conditioner. Conditioners usually contain silicone that are capable of moisturizing the hair shaft. This is how a conditioner seals in moisture and helps to keep the hair in good shape during humid weather. Following are a few products with top ratings:

  • AVEDA Damage Remedy Conditioner – This conditioner has received many great reviews, although it is not inexpensive.
  • Marco Anti-Frizz Marco Pelusi Leave-In Conditioner – this product also received good reviews by some reported their hair felt a bit stiff.
  • Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner – reviewers found this product to be a wonderful moisturizer.

Styling Curly Hair

Good styling products are needed to help keep frizz away from curly hair and to shape the curls and waves. hair manageable. These products are able to prevent hair from absorbing too much moisture from the atmosphere.

The growing trend at present is to avoid silicone ingredients because people worry that the hair may become dry if it is used too long. To date, there have been no known studies conducted to verify this statement. Standard Formulations should be able to remove any build up from other products.

  • John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Creme. Reviews claim this product is a little heavy but wonderful for getting rid of frizz.
  • Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum – this is a bit more expensive, but reviewers state that it is super light.

There is no one product that is right for everyone, so it is best to try one at a time until the perfect choice is found.

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