How to Meditate and Sharpen your Intuition

Something that actually happened today but you had a hunch about it last night is called intuition. It may sound corny, but intuition can perhaps also be described as seeking tuition from your inner soul.

how to meditate

Many people find great stress relief and a develop a deeper intuition when practicing meditation.

To put it in simple words when you have a feeling of what is going to happen or right thinking at the right time is exactly what is called intuition.  We all are blessed with this gift, however, only some of us are able to use it consciously.

We all wish to make correct decisions in life; we don’t want to go wrong at any point of time with our decisions especially the life changing ones.

Through meditation you can develop your intuition and capture all the visions that will help you in taking the right decision at the right time.

Regular practice of the art clears your mind from negative thoughts, stress and anxieties, thus removing the road blocks to a clear intuitive voice.

How To Meditate?

Your next question will be how to meditate? Wait before you start checking with your intuition…here are 5 easy steps to meditate and become more intuitive

  • Silence – Remove all the noisy elements from your surroundings like your cell phones, computers, televisions etc. Give yourself a moment to silence that immediately results in a calm mind and reduced blood pressure.
  • Be comfortable – If you are not comfortable sitting on the floor, get yourself a cushion or a chair or just sit on the bed. Whatever makes you most comfortable. Close your eyes, sit with your chest wide open and make sure there is no distraction in the physical environment.
  • Focus on your breathing – Concentrate on your breathing. Pay attention to your in-breath and out-breath. Your breathing should be systematic and rhythmic.
  • Relax your body – Ease all your tensed muscles. Relax your face muscles as they tend to get tensed often.
  • Clear your mind – Stop thinking about things that’s on your to do list. Control your mind from wandering here and there. Just relax your mind and take it easy
  • Once you have reached a relaxed state, throw up the question you seek the answers to and allow the universe to send you intuitive guidance. You may receive your answers while you are meditating, or after through some strange ‘co-incidence’ like opening a certain page of a book and having words jump out at you, from a TV show you just happen to watch that day, a friend’s phone call; the possibilities are unlimited.

Once you start meditating on daily basis you will observe a lot of changes in your life as well, for example, a healthier lifestyle, clarity in mind, higher spirituality and etc.

So, get set to use your sixth sense! Start meditating today!

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