Working With Our Brainwaves To Relax and Meditate

isochronic tones MP3 and binaural beats

Popular types of brainwave entrainment technology include binaural beats and increasingly so, isochronic tones MP3.

Neuroscience research has established that the brain reacts electrically to the various experiences we encounter.

Indeed, as we go through different encounters, actions and events – from the mundane to the extraordinary – our brains reflect and reinforce the states we find ourselves in as it generates specific types of brainwaves accordingly.

When we are significantly relaxed and not preoccupied, the occurring brainwaves are typically in a range of frequencies called Alpha – that is, between 8 and 13 hertz or cycles per minute.

These are slower and calmer waves than the ones noted above and these belong to the Beta spectrum, between 14 and 35 hertz, which corresponds to the state of mind most of us spend the majority of our time in.

Given our industrialized society favoring productivity and linear thinking over creative associations, it is no wonder since Beta waves are faster and are indicative of active, busy people.

It can thus be a challenge for many today to relax and release stress effectively after a hard day at work or some other type of productivity-oriented activity. In neuroscientific jargon, we would say that these people are stuck in a Beta frame of mind and can’t slow down their brainwaves.

Activities like taking a bath, reading a book, engaging meditation, psychic dreaming, and taking a walk in nature are all ways to slow down brainwaves and change one’s state of mind. When those are not possible, there is an audio tool which can tremendously help: brainwave entrainment.

Brainwave entrainment sound files consist of tones of chosen frequencies and which are repeated over different lengths of time. These sounds, like any outer stimuli, has an effect on us – but because they are precisely designed, they can alter the brainwave patterns of the listener in desired ways.

Popular types of brainwave entrainment technology include binaural beats and increasingly so, isochronic tones MP3.

It might sound far fetched at first but this type of tool is actually used in several types of therapeutic centers around the world. These recordings, available publicly, are thus used by people as ways to help them relax, focus their mind and improve memory abilities, engage deep sleep just as they are also used for visualizations and manifestation meditations.

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