Investing for Dummies: Simple Yet Essential

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Is Your Investment Strategy A Crapshoot?

Investing may be a very risky move for business firms. Since a particular investment may have very volatile profits because there would be no assurance that the clients will always be present. Moreover, the volatility in a particular investment may very well be leading to either a downfall or a success in the business. That is why in investing, a particular investor should be able to know the different angles and dangles in investing. Furthermore, according to Robert Kiyosaki, a renowned businessman and author of the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, the level of your income depends on the level of your knowledge.

But Robert Kiyosaki will not be the one to give the investing advice. Instead, Eric Tyson, MBA will be the one to give investors an idea or two about the different angles and dangles of investing. In his first edition of the book “Investing for Dummies”, readers will be more enticed on reading it as it suggests simplicity in giving essential knowledge for investors. Investing for Dummies is very readable as its content has very comprehensive knowledge and it is presented in the simplest manner such that it would really be understandable by the “dummies”.  Unlike any other finance books particularly investing guidebooks, Investing for Dummies presents a lot of vivid cartoons that will surely appeal virtually to all who are involved in the investing aspect of the business.

The advices that Tyson has exemplified are the fundamentals of investing as it is virtually for the beginners in the business. Furthermore, according to Tyson, most of the advises (such as annuities and structured settlements) in the book may also be found in other prominent finance books. Nonetheless, his ideas are indeed quite a help for those beginners in the business. One of the suggestions that Investing for Dummies give is that doodads or irresponsible spending should not tempt people. Better yet, people should save the money for investments. Another investing advice that the book presents is that people should utilize tax-deferred retirement plans to secure themselves before they make payments for the mortgage. Moreover, Investing for Dummies suggests that people should own investments such as real estate, stocks, and perhaps a one’s own business instead of finding loans or buying bonds.


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