ASU Establishes Solar Power Lab To Bolster Arizona Solar Electric Industry

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Arizona State University Backs Solar In A Big Way.

The desert state of Arizona is known its for sky high temperatures, sultry summers, and for having an abundance of sunlight throughout most of the year. Being a state with lots of sunlight, there are also lots of Arizona solar electric companies. Still, though it is one of the warmest state’s in the nation it is not within the top few states known for using the most renewable energy.

While solar companies in Phoenix are as abundant as the sunlight, an increase in solar companies is a growing trend across the nation. Arizona educators and authorities wish to take advantage of the state’s nearly year round sun exposure. They have plans to set themselves apart as the nation’s leader in solar education and technology development. To this end, Arizona State University president, Michael Crow, announced that the campus will be establishing a Solar Power Laboratory.

ASU has recently hired a few new staff members, all of whom are global leaders in the field of photovoltaics. They are well respected and well known by Arizona solar electric experts. The university’s commitment to further bolster their solar education department will hopefully create an environment where we will see some of the best new solar technologies being developed. “The Solar Power Laboratory will further build up the university’s already formidable solar energy research and development collaborations with the energy industry to accelerate expansion of the state’s economy,” said Crow.

“For four decades, ASU has been a leader in research related to virtually all aspects of solar energy,” said Jonathan Fink, director of the Global Institute of Sustainability. Right now, Arizona ranks number 10 in states that use the most renewable energy. The university hopes that its efforts will one day get the state to rank at the top of the list. Over the years, the university’s research has lead to many solar advancements including enhanced solar designs, photovoltaic testing improvements, and more.


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