Mineral Based Makeup Brand Comparisons- The Pros and Cons of Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

mineral makeup

Jane Iredale mineral makeup is one of the nationwide top sellers in the mineral based cosmetics niche.

There are numerous mineral based makeup brands on the market today. And, as imagined, there are pros and cons to each. This article is one of several which takes an in-depth look at each brand and the pros and cons of each.

Jane Iredale  mineral makeup is one of the nationwide top sellers in the mineral based cosmetics niche. Her makeup has a few special ingredients including antioxidants, pomegranate, and sea algae.

These natural ingredients are thought to help combat wrinkles and lessen the effects of aging due to the exposure of skin to both UVA and UVB, while helping to prevent sun damage.

In addition, this line of make up offers a very superior coverage for a flawless skin tone and skin appearance, is easy to apply, it is also preservative free.

Due to the amount of coverage you get during application, Jane Iredale is a logical choice for women over 40, as well as those looking to care for their skin in their early 20s. Mineral makeup in this line is all reasonably priced and available in a wide number of retail and online outlets.

On the downside, the makeup also contains bismuth oxychoride, silicone and a few other non-mineral ingredients. These additives make the mineral powders not quite natural, but close.

While most mineral cosmetics are considerably more pure than traditional cosmetics, those with sensitive skin might find the few additives contained in this product to be irritating if you have either very sensitive skin or acne prone skin.  If your skin is acne prone, non-natural additives can encourage breakouts, which you are undoubtedly trying to avoid.

If you have breakouts that are hard to control, you may want to check out the reviews on Proactive products.  This is a very popular skin care product line that has many happy users.

All in all this product is an excellent one, and suitable for most women regardless of age or skin type.  Most find the coverage is excellent, the makeup lasts well on the skin, and the coverage is well above average when compared to other brands.

There is no disputing that mineral makeups are a healthy and natural alternative to other cosmetics.  Everyone’s body chemistry is slightly different, however, so you will want to take the time to find a brand that works well with your skin and your own personal needs.

Have you seen the reviews on proactive products?  Proactiv has continued to improve their skin care line and now has many different skin care products that can help you to improve your skin conditions.

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