Job Search: Beyond The Resume

Here’s a piece of advice that you will not probably hear from a lot of career advisors — your job search is more than just your resume. Now this is not to say that your resume is not important. It often goes without saying that you should be able to produce a well written and outstanding one to make sure that you are noticed by potential employers.

The jobfox scam writeup will tell us that although a killer resume will be a critical tool in your application, it is what you do after the resume have been submitted that matters. (Watch this Job fox video to get more information about how you can make the most out of your career and find a job that will be suitable for you.)

So you have a resume that outlines your skills and competencies. Good for you! It’s high time for you to get yourself educated about the industry that you are working for. If you were called into a sudden job interview today, would you actually know the business trends within your niche?

Do you know which of your competitors is making the most money? Do you know exactly who the top players are? What do you know about the company that you just sent your resume out to?

These may seem like simple questions, but most of the time they are the same ones that stump even the most prepared of interviewees. Do not make the same mistake in not conducting your research beforehand.

It is always best to read up on how the market is doing. Not only will you be able to answer their questions, you can also show them that you can act like a business owner because you understand exactly how to stay on top of your game and be successful in your chosen field!

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